Safety Tips for People with Dementia

safety-tips-for-people-with-dementiaAging comes with a lot of changes in our bodies and minds. Our physical abilities start to weaken, and our cognitive skills slowly get dull. Especially when we have Dementia, our memory, thinking, and activities deteriorate. As the condition progresses, we lose our ability to perform activities of daily living. When you spot a symptom, such as memory loss, consult an expert immediately. Early diagnosis ensures that they get the right and immediate help they need. If you have a loved one with Dementia, home care services in Pleasant Hill, California, are the best fit for them.

Trained and experienced caregivers will be with them; safety and memory care in Bay Area are guaranteed.

To help secure your loved ones’ safety, here are tips you can follow at home:

  • Safety grip and handrails are essential when you have stairs. Put brightly colored tape on the edges of the steps to make them visible.
  • Electrical plugs, thinner, matches, and other household products should be kept well to avoid falls and electrical incidents.
  • Aside from wires, keep away unused items to prevent tripping.
  • Use curtains with simple patterns or plain designs to avoid confusion.
  • Ensure good lighting inside the rooms and in the vicinity of the house.

Diamond Home Care Services believes that safety is our priority for people with Dementia. As they tend to lose basic functions, keeping our home comfortable and safe for them is essential. We provide in-home care services in Bay Area for seniors with or without Dementia. Contact us and let your loved ones get the assistance they need.

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