Making Summer Fun for Older Adults

making-summer-fun-for-older-adultsThere is a myriad of fun things to do to make the most out of summer. Although families may have concerns about the health and safety of their senior loved ones when spending time outdoors during summer, outdoor activities are beneficial to the elderly population. Seniors with Early onset Alzheimer’s can benefit from establishing an active and relaxing lifestyle this season.

Here are some summer activities a provider of In-home care services in Bay Area recommends seniors engage in:

  • Gardening
    Gardening is a perfect choice for the elderly receiving Memory Care in Bay Area. The activity offers seniors the chance to move around and stay active as they take care of their plants. It’s also said to improve mood, boost self-esteem, relieve stress, encourage social interaction, and extend one’s attention span.
  • Going on a Picnic
    Eating outdoors isn’t something most seniors get to do in a year, but it is an excellent way to bask in vitamin D and enjoy the summer breeze and the beauty of nature with their meals. Seniors can enjoy their meals even better when paired with deep and lively conversations with a companion.
  • Visiting Local Places
    Visiting local tourist attractions is an exciting option for seniors to have fun, interact with community members, and jog their memory. However, they may need Transportation services to get to some spots.

There are more fun and healthy activities seniors can enjoy during summer and throughout the year. But it’s important to take note of their health condition when planning their summer activities.

Diamond Home Care Services has a team of competent caregivers that offers top-quality Home Care Services in Pleasant Hill, California. If you’re concerned about your summer plans with your senior loved ones, our care professionals can help you out.

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