Boosting Memory and Mental Health via Brain Games

boosting-memory-and-mental-health-via-brain-gamesSeniors are indeed bound to experience memory lapses now and again. However, it’s important to emphasize that advanced ages don’t necessarily imply poor cognitive health.

There are still several ways to maintain and boost the memory and mental health of our beloved seniors. Because of its implications, senior care providers like us focus our efforts on increasing awareness about this matter.

At Diamond Home Care Services, we strive not only to deliver high-quality in-home care services in Bay Area. We also advocate for the health and welfare of our community’s elderly by providing information they may utilize to their advantage.

With that, here are some examples of games that can promote proper memory care in Bay Area:

  • Trivia Quizzes
    Trivia is a terrific technique to engage seniors’ minds while also providing a hearty laugh. With a limitless number of trivia themes available, you can have a range of choices to enjoy from.
  • Sudoku
    Solving Sudoku puzzles is a wonderful way for seniors to keep their minds active by maintaining their logical thinking and mental skills. It pushes them to engage different portions of their brain that they may not use in everyday life, which is one of the best strategies against memory loss.
  • Word Puzzles
    Word puzzles can keep seniors occupied while also exercising their minds. These stimulate their mental faculties by looking for words or attempting to conceive of missing ones.

If you wish to know more about this, or have inquiries about our home care services in Pleasant Hill, California, feel free to dial us anytime!

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