What You Can Do to Ease a Senior’s Anxiety

What You Can Do to Ease a Senior's Anxiety As a provider of home care services in Pleasant Hill, California, Diamond Home Care Services is well-aware of many issues that our clients deal with while they age in place. Among them is the problem of anxiety disorders.

More common than depression and cognitive problems like dementia, anxiety disorders have a variety of forms. But most of them share similar symptoms in senior adults, like nausea, irritability, avoidance of stressful or demanding situations, irregular breathing, and heartbeat, and obsessive patterns of thought and behavior.

There are ways to help seniors deal with anxiety disorders better. Drawing on our experience as your source of in-home care services in Bay Area, our care team offers some helpful tips to ease seniors experiencing anxiety:

  • Provide social support.
    Getting the chance to be heard by, checked upon, and simply be with people who offer support provides seniors with relief and stability. There’s also the option of companionship services, where seniors can have a trained professional be both a source of aid and socialization.
  • Teach them relaxation exercises.
    Both breathing techniques and physical regimens do wonders in relieving the common symptoms of anxiety.
  • Establish a daily routine.
    Feelings of forgetting and unpredictability contribute to the dread seniors with anxiety experience. A daily routine can help them find ease in expected activities.
  • Remind them that they have the right to disengage from things that upset them.
    Whether it’s social media, the news, or stubborn neighbors, help them remember that they still have agency over how they approach sources of stress. It’s always okay to just take a break from it all.
  • Follow professional advice.
    Therapy and medication should still be the main sources of aid for seniors with anxiety. You can count on us to help them follow their doctor’s instructions for their continued wellness.

Rest assured that our home care team has the skills, knowledge, and compassion to aid your senior with anxiety. Learn more about the services that we offer, such as memory care in Bay Area, by calling today.

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