Gaming and Its Wonders for Senior Wellness

gaming-and-its-wonders-for-senior-wellness Games. They are a staple in youth and adulthood, and many hope they can continue doing them as they retire. The good news is, they can and they should.

Today, Diamond Home Care Services would like to talk about why we encourage seniors to pursue the games they love. You can count on our home care services in Pleasant Hill, California, to help them play to their hearts’ content with no worries.

Research shows that most of the benefits gaming provides continue into old age. An article in the 2009 Autumn edition of Gerontechnology stated that various types of games stimulate and exercise certain cognitive skills, such as supervision for strategy games, long-term memory retrieval for role-playing games, and social cohesion in MMOs. These are a blessing for seniors who wish to avoid memory loss.

In general, gaming also provides the following benefits:

  • Better mood management
    Gaming offers a great avenue to release stress and experience endorphins, a hormone that generates feelings of happiness.
  • Increased memory retention
    This is one of the main reasons we encourage gaming in our memory care in Bay Area. Games exercise our capacity to retain information, improving both short and long-term recall.
  • Greater opportunities for social interaction
    Most games are played with others, making them an engaging way to spend time with other people. This staves off the common effects of constant isolation, like an increased risk of depression, dementia, and chronic conditions like hypertension and heart disease.

Let your loved ones enjoy these benefits and more! With our in-home care services in Bay Area, they can do their favorite activities with ease and peace of mind. Contact us today to learn about our care options.

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