Stress: What Are Its Causes and Effects?

stress-what-are-its-causes-and-effectsStress is a natural bodily reaction that occurs whenever we are under immense amounts of pressure, become overwhelmed with emotions and thoughts, or go beyond our comfort zones. And did you know that seniors are more prone to stress than younger adults? This is why availing of home care services in Pleasant Hill, California, is highly recommended.

Age-related stress is quite common among seniors due to health conditions that arise as the years go by, which can greatly affect comfort. Environmental and situational changes can also cause stress among the elderly. And while it may be a driving force to be productive, stress actually has negative effects on our health, especially when left alleviated over long periods of time. As a matter of fact, stress is a contributory factor to a number of mental illnesses, which include depression and anxiety disorders. It is also known to have a negative effect on our immune system and cardiovascular system. On top of that, high levels of stress can even cause the brain to shrink, which can lead to impairments in critical thinking and even memory loss.

To combat stress and prevent its repercussions, please feel free to get in touch with Diamond Home Care Services. With our licensed in-home care services in Bay Area and ready-to-help caregivers, you can ensure optimum health and comfort and keep stress at bay.

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