Memory Issues and Aging: It’s Not Always Alzheimer’s


Forgetfulness is not usually indicative of Alzheimer’s disease. It is critical to understand that forgetfulness might be caused by aging, medical ailments, emotional issues, moderate cognitive impairment, or another type of dementia.

Diamond Home Care Services, a provider of specialized in-home care services in Bay Area, would like to put your worry at ease by presenting some facts concerning aging memory issues and how they are not usually a symptom of Alzheimer’s.

Because aging produces numerous changes in the body, including the brain, older persons tend to forget things. This could include misplacing their belongings, taking longer to learn new things, or failing to remember new information. These are merely moderate forgetfulness symptoms, not significant memory difficulties.

Alzheimer’s, on the other hand, exhibits the following forgetfulness symptoms that you should be aware of:

  • Most of the time, making poor judgments and judgments
  • Having difficulty remembering the time or the date of the year
  • Repeating questions, having difficulty maintaining a discussion
  • Wandering and becoming disoriented
  • Frequently misplacing items and failing to locate them

The aforementioned Alzheimer’s symptoms should be noted right away in order to seek solutions and support from a medical professional. We can assist you if you require skilled care and supervision for a loved one at home.

Although some forgetfulness is normal as we age, any changes in memory or thinking that concern you or a loved one should not be dismissed. Consult your doctor or our memory care in Bay Area right away if you notice you have more severe memory problems than usual.

You can also contact our home care services in Pleasant Hill, California, right now.

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